Top Ten Tips for Travelling with Tots (from our experience).

1. Travelling.

Most airlines will let you bring 2 items per child including infants for free so a buggy and a car seat ‒ check your airline. From age 2 you will be paying for a seat and before that infants must sit on your lap and you can only have one infant per 3 seats so if travelling with twins then you will be in different blocks. Most airlines let families board first.

2. Car seats.

Whilst most airlines let you bring these for free, they are bulky and easily dirtied. You will need one for your child if you are hiring a car- you can hire one but it's costly. Taxis can carry children without a car seat but personally I'm not comfortable about that. Our agents have a baby seat and booster seats for free if you take your transfer with them.

3. Own bedding.

We provide bedding for all our guests but I'd suggest that for babies you bring their own sheet or sleeping bag so that it smells of your washing powder and home as it will give your little ones comfort.

4. Nappies.

Disposable nappies are available and are a little more than in the UK but not too much if you buy them in the supermarket. Sizes are the same - babies seem to be in size 4 for ages! We tend to bring enough for the first few days and then buy a pack. Wipes are similar prices and easily available.

5. Baby Milk.

I'd strongly advise you to bring formula with you if you use it. The only brand I recognise here is Aptamil and it is expensive - as much as double UK price. If it is made up, be prepared to taste it at airport security. Take enough in hand luggage to last until 2 or 3 hours after arrival time. Feed your baby either breast feeding or bottle on take off to stop their ears hurting.

6. Change nappies last thing before boarding.

Airplane toilets are cramped at the best of times and changing a nappy is pretty tough! On arrival, Faro airport has a room in the baggage hall next to the toilets big enough for the whole family. There is another by the car hire offices.

7. Entertainment.

If you have an iPad, go onto the CBeebies website before leaving home and download your little ones favourite shows. You cannot access iPlayer overseas. Super useful in the airport, air or even in the villa. If you don't have one, bring some DVDs. You can buy 2nd hand ones on Amazon cheaply. Most libraries only let you loan for a week which isn't long enough. We have some kids ones but the choice is very personal. Hope you like Postman Pat....

8. Take toys and books for flight.

Although Faro is only 2-3 hours from the UK, that is a long time to be cramped and bored... We have a good selection especially of beach toys in the villa but that's no use on the plane!

9. Don't hesitate to take your children out to restaurants here in Cabanas.

The Portuguese are very child friendly and their restaurants all have at least one highchair (you might want to go early or book) and very relaxed about having food all over the floor, fortunately for us..... Cabanas Brasserie, O Escalho, Atlantis and Mariscos all have children's menus. Although not necessary we have taken our own plastic plates, cups, spoons etc (in villa) and share our food with them rather than ordering something just for them but ours are very young. An 8 year old might be a bit put out!

10. Don't underestimate the sun!

In the afternoons it can feel pleasantly warm as there tends to be a breeze and then you find you've burned. Children's skin is so much more sensitive so bring high factor cream with you. You can buy it here in Cabanas but it tends to be cheaper in the UK. If you forget to pack some or are coming hand luggage only, most UK airports have a Boots after security who tend to have good deals and their own brand includes insect repellent which is very useful. Feel free to take our parasols to the beach or rent one there. We also have a baby beach tent.