Car Hire Information

In our view, car hire is unnecessary.

We can recommend a couple of better options that are higher service and lower cost, either shared transfers or collection from Faro airport by our agents.
We base this on:
- once you are in Cabanas, everywhere is walkable and so the car will probably sit in the street.
- there is a reasonable bus and train service to go elsewhere.
- petrol is as expensive as the UK.
- the toll system is at best a bit of a pain, at worst a significant and unnecessary cost imposed by car hire firms.
- there can be long queues for collection. Not how I'd want to spend the first couple of hours in Portugal when I could be in Cabanas within an hour of touching down.

If we haven't put you off, here are our top tips:

- Use a comparison site like rather than each company.
- Go with a name you know- Avis, Herts, Budget, National, Europcar, Guerin. The others can be a false economy as you can end up paying in other charges.
- Be sure you know what is included e.g. 2nd driver, baby seats, as these can add up!
- Turn down the toll transponder. You don't need one and they are costly. The tolls are quite cheap. Details of how to pay are in the apartment.
- Check any other add ons and decide whether you need them e.g. roadside assistance.
- Go for the return it full option otherwise you end up Paying for a full tank even if you've only used a litre.
- Know what insurance cover you have and so whether you need fully comp - Be sure you know where to return the car- some drop offs are off site and you need time to get the minibus into the airport.
- Park in the shade! Your wheel etc will get very hot otherwise. There is no paid for parking in Cabanas.

And stick to the road rules or the police may give you an instant fine!!